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The Lucy Project will pay for all fees related to your training and testing, which is 80 hours (five days of training- 30 hours plus 50 hours for the practicum). In return, The Lucy Project asks you to volunteer an additional 160 hours (approximately one hour per day for the school year.) We are happy to work with your schedule, but teaching is Monday to Friday and all classes are virtual. We will provide the student for you to do your practicum and volunteer hours.

If selected, we will be in touch to schedule a Zoom call, so we can meet and answer any questions you might have. If then approved, you will have to pass a background check and sign a contract. Please keep in mind that we have limited slots, but the program will continue to add tutors thru out the year.


Please keep in mind that this is a commitment to a child. We thank you for caring and hope to collaborate with you! 


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