Blacks, Latinos Confront Dyslexia Diagnosis Gap

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

While this article was published in 2013, it is still, sadly, incredibly relevant today.

We recently learned about the tragedy that George Floyd endured, which has sparked a renewed conversation around race and equity in America. Access to an appropriate education has to be part of that conversation. It is, in fact, a civil rights issue. Minority children with reading disabilities have been marginalized countrywide without access to evaluation, remediation, and accommodations.

"Treating dyslexia is an issue of civil rights, organizers emphasized. 'All these people are marginalized,' Magee said. 'There are all these barriers they can’t cross because they haven’t been accommodated.'"

This article highlights the difficult realities faced by minority children with undiagnosed dyslexia or similar reading difficulties.

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