March Newsletter

An Evidence-Based Method That Works

"If someone would have told me I was going to teach remotely to a little girl who can't read and that this girl would be learning in leaps and bounds and voraciously asking for more and more lessons, I would not have believed it. This teaching method is nothing short of a miracle."

-Heather Stephens, Lucy Project Structured Literacy specialist, Doctor of Education, Master of Science in Psychology (Texas A&M University), Master of Teaching (University of Virginia).

Introducing our Newest Partner School

The Lucy Project has provided training to 9 teachers who will go on to donate 540+ hours to children in this Title 1 School. Because of you, we are able to expand our commitment to Title 1 Schools, and get resources to the children who need it the most.

"Given the right opportunities, any child can learn to read. The Lucy Project is a worthy endeavor that brings research-based remediation and helps narrow the achievement gap." - Principal Maytin-Miret of W.J. Bryan Elementary School

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