We now offer Structured Literacy tutoring both virtually and in-person with sliding-scale fees.

Our expert educators provide assessments and one-on-one lessons to K-4 children, meeting each one exactly where they are on their journey toward literacy.


Our Approach

Our lessons are fun, interactive, and responsive to the changing needs of your child. Trained in Orton-Gillingham (OG) through IMSE (the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education), our tutors use a highly structured approach that breaks reading and spelling down into smaller skills and helps your child build on these skills over time. These multi-sensory teaching strategies are extremely effective for students with dyslexia and other reading-based learning difficulties. We celebrate each child's unique learning style and use each interaction with them as an opportunity to empower their self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

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Our Commitment to Equity in Education

Every child deserves access to the resources they need to learn to read. A family's income level should not be a barrier to literacy. The Lucy Project partners with Title I schools in Miami to offer free, daily reading remediation to children who struggle to read. We understand the needs in our community stretch far beyond the walls of the schools we serve. That is why we offer financial assistance on a sliding scale to families with a proven need. As our funding grows, so will our capacity to reach even more children.


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Literacy Assesment

Literacy assessments help parents, caregivers, and educators better understand the needs of the child who struggles. Our assessment determines levels of literacy and pre-literacy in: reading rate, accuracy, and comprehension; phonological awareness, rapid naming, phonological memory, and the student's ability to learn symbols associated with words/sounds. All potential Lucy Project students are required to take this assessment. Results are provided in a written report that can be shared with educators supporting the child. Based on the results, Lucy Project applicants will be accepted for placement to a reading intervention program with a 1:1 Learning Specialist or recommended a better-suited alternative.

Our Literacy Assessment Includes:


  • Gray Oral Reading Test, 5th Edition (GORT-5)

  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological ProcessingSecond Edition (CTOPP-2)

  • Symbol Translation subtest of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th Edition (WISC-V)


per assessment

* financial assistance provided for those with a proven need

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Reading Remediation

The Lucy Project Literacy Specialists offer engaging, multi-sensory sessions that are responsive to your child's changing needs. Using the Orton-Gillingham approach, you can be sure they are receiving the very best literacy remediation available. We require a minimum of three 50-minute sessions per week. Research clearly shows that the frequency with which a child receives remediation is critical to their success. The longer it takes a child to catch up, the further they fall behind in all subjects. Let's work together to get your child reading as quickly as possible. Our sliding-scale financial assistance program allows us to help families with a proven need. Financially assisted spots are available as funding permits. Our generous donors make this work possible.

Our Literacy Remediation Includes:


  • 50 minutes sessions with an OG trained tutor

  • IMSE Workbooks

  • Manipulatives

  • Progress Assessments


per session 

* financial assistance provided for those with a proven need